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Private Fly fishing lessons at your location

The course consists of five parts. Sometimes we can complete a part in one session sometimes not. We go at a pace that works for you. One of the goals of the course is to develop the motor skills unique to casting. We will take whatever time is necessary!

The course is designed for two participants so the coach an pupil method can be used when practicing. Perfect practice makes perfect, improper practice hones the wrong motor skill and is a disaster

We will do two sessions on Allentown’s Little Lehigh. One session in the morning one in the afternoon with a break for lunch. This will also provide you with an opportunity to try your new skills on your own.,

Please understand, this is a fly fishing class. Casting is part of the course.

I will supply equipment for you to start with. I don’t want you to buy equipment and then find out you hate fly fishing, or buy the wrong equipment at an exorbitant price. The course will provide information so you can make intelligent purchasing decisions.

At the end of the course you wil have the opportunity to make a donation to Casting For Recovery.

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