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Club and Banquet Programs

I’m Rod Rohrbach.

Retirement from the Little Lehigh Fly Shop did not mean rest. I’ve been fishing and camping all around North America. I’ve also been fulfilling a promise to myself to compile and share the treasury of learning, tips and experience acquired from over 20 years on the banks of the Little Lehigh and my collaborative friendships with many of the legends of fly fishing and tying. Gary Borger called it “the intersect…of the stream, legends and Rod’s shop.”

One of the ways I’m fulfilling my promise is by creating presentations offered to clubs and groups. These programs are about 45 minutes long and I am continually working to add new ones. Please visit my website for a list of available presentations.

I am sure you agree that fly fishing is a lifetime of learning. Perhaps I can help by sharing my life lessons to that learning.

If this is something that may be of interest, I would appreciate the opportunity to present a program to your group.


Rod Rohrbach

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