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Quote of the Week

I’d never take a trip without knowing first if I’ts freestone or limestone water….A fisherman who knows what to expect…already has a basic plan of attack.

Joe Humphrey's

I am well read.

I have been studying fishing books for fifty years.

I never got around to Joe's.

In February Cathy and I attended the Pennsylvania Fly Fishing Museums event in State College. Joe was being honored.

Cathy bought me his book.

I glanced over it, ho hum, and tossed in the pile of books waiting to be read.

When Joe Humphrey's Trout Tactics finally appeared at the top of the pile I began reading with a cynical attitude.

It isn't a coffee table masterpiece. It's not a literary master piece. It's illustrations aren't provided by Barry and Cathy Beck.

I started reading, Ho Hum.

Before finishing the first chapter I realised this very average looking book is PACKED WITH INCREDABLY USEFUL INFORMATION!!!

Joes book is a must read. I'm privilged to have it in my library.

If you are an appearance over substance type, you will probably pass over Joe. masterpiece.

If you are a substance type, THIS IS A MUST READ.

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