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New member of the Digital Hall of Fame

Gifford Pinchot

The catching of fish, said the Sage of Chocoloskee, is but an incident in fishing. He told the frozen truth. To be out in the open where fish are; to watch them at their great business of living; to see them in the water or out of the water; to fish for them, and even to hook them and have them get away-all this is wonderfully worth while-wonderfully better worth while than merely to catch and keep the stiffening fading body of one of the most beautiful forms of life. Fishing Talk

From an environmentalist point of view, especially a fishermans I would argue point Pinchot is one of the greatest in the history of the


I have been trying to find out of he is in the Pennsylvania Fly FFishing Hall of Fame to no avail. If he isn't he should be.

for more information on the two time governor of Pennsylvania.

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