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Water of the Week, The Klickitat River

The Klickitat River is a 96 mile long tributary of the Columbia River It originates in the Mt Adams Glacier high in the Cascades then flows across the Lincoln Klickitat County, meandering through steep canyons before It enters the Columbia.

Home to Chinook Salmon, Silver Salmon, and Steelhead the river is known for its spectacular scenery and abundant wildlife.

Catching steelhead over 12 pounds and fish exceeding 20 lbs is not uncommon.

The best way to fish the river is by floating it. The best way to learn about the river is to talk to a knowledgeable outfitter. These goals intersect at the Worley Bugger Fly Shop in Ellensburg, WA.

As I travel around North America I have more and more trouble distinguishing between fly shops and boutiques disguised as fly shops. The Worley Bugger is the real deal. See them for advice, guide service, flies, fly tying material and most any other fly fishing item you require. What they lack in designer hand bags and blouses they make up for with quality fly fishing and fly-tying inventory. They even have a bug collection.

One of the best sources of information on the Klit is the Worley Buggers web site. It, like the shop is first rate!

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