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Trout Cuisine for Mid May

Pale Evening Dun, Ephermerella dorothea

Family Ephemerellidae has only one genus-Ephermerella.


Nymphs are crawlers and are quiet water dwellers found in flats and runs. They flourish in Limestone especially silt.

Nymphs swim laboriously with a peculiar wiggle. Seek appropriate sites along banks, behind boulders and deadfalls.

Some hatch into sub-imagos a foot below the surface.

Use deep running, weighted nymphs during hatchless hours.

During emergence fish in the surface film. They may also be fished with stiff hackle and pontoon tails-dry style.

When nymphs are emerging, Trout can be extremely selective to cream colored wets just under the surface, i.e.Little Marryatt, Light Cahill.

Joe Kohler introduced us to a nymph pattern which is a killer.

THREAD-Olive. Tie in a few wisps of Lemon Wood Duck, 1/3 the length of the hook for the..TAIL. Dub a cigar shaped ..

BODY with dark brown angora rabbit. Your finnished

* Nymphs are better described as a cross between swimmers and crawlers


Duns, have three tails and emerge May 15th through the end of June.

Hatches are usually between 7 pm and dusk. Hatches usually last ½ hour.

The best fishing is after sunset. The first activity is usually caused by invaria & rotunda not dorothea.

Trout are extra selective to silhouette, size & color. We suggest dorothea Compara Sparkle Duns, no Hackle, or parachute patterns. Size difference is considerable. Use #16, if you get refusals go to #18 If the dun is pale yellow and about #16 species doesn’t matter. Duns take off quickly so Spinners may be better fishing. Tie some orange at the thorax, try to wind the hackle so the orange is apparent.

Be observant, are Trout taking dorothea or the larger invaria and rotunda.


Spinners are pale yellow, have three tails and fall at dusk. Body size 6.5-7.5mm, size 18. They jettison their eggs a safe distance above the stream above riffles.

Trout love the egg sacks.

Earlier hatches and cloudy days result in spinner falls sometime after 7 pm. As the season progresses falls occur dusk or after dark. Be careful are they taking duns or Spinners? Use #16, if you get refusals go to #18. Duns take off quickly so Spinners may be better fishing

Please click Second Quarter Summary for more informaton.

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