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Talks, Snow, Funerals and Trout Streams.

Stan and Jack Reichelderfe enjoying frineds at the Little Lehigh Fly Shop..

I'm back from my trip through Western New York, North Western, Central, Eastern and South Eastern Pennsylvania.

Cathy and I enjoyed the hospitality of the Canandaigua Lake Chapter of Trout Unlimed. I encourage anyone in the Canandaigua area to get involved with the TU club.

The trip degenerated into a winter adventure. There was so much snow I couldn't see Niagra Falls.

After fishing Fishermans Paradise I dropped down to I78 where I learned of Stan Coopers death. Thanks for the heads up Reejay.

Back up to Wilkes Barre for the funeral. Instead of attending the funeral dinner I went to Abes Hot Dogs where Stan and I would meet when I was in Wilkes Barre.

From there I made an abbreviated and quick trip through Eastern and Southeastern Pa.

Between weather and funerals my itinerary became abbreviated.

If you would like to honor Stan, make a donation to the Stanley Cooper Senior Chapter of Trout unlimited.

We lost a good man in my friend Stan.

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