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Help Restore The Little Lehigh To its former Grandeur.

People think I'm exaggerating when I say the Little Lehigh had the highest population of trout in Pennsylvania and possibly the northeast.

Pictured is one of 26 pages of Best Trout Streams in Pennsylvania. published by the Pennsylvania Fish Commission in August of 1992.

It lists 442 Pennsylvania streams and provides the trout population in each stream as defined in Kilograms per hecture.

The Little Lehigh had the most intense population of trout in Pennsylvania with 411.67 Kg/Het. Falling Spring Br was second with 372.23 Kg/Het.

Apparently I've offended anglers loyal to their home waters. Sorry I've just stated facts in the hope some achievers will HELP US RESTORE THE LITTLE LEHIGH.

This study was germane to my decision to open the Little Lehigh Fly Shop.

If you would like to know where your stream was on the list, subscribe to my blog and ask me.


Join us at the Brass Rail on April 14.


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