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Our Beloved Little Lehigh needs a good lawyer.

The Little Lehigh Flyfishers were a special group. When we were told something couldn't be done, we did it.

Projects were accomplished by motivated achievers, worried about the stream, not tax deductabiliy or publicity for their group.

Things were accomplished such as the handicap ramp, the Leisenring Memorial, Stream Improvements and naming the pools as we protected the stream from bait, waders and spinning.

The key piece in this wonderful montage of achievers was our volunteer lawyer and friend of the stream Gene Kelley esq of Scranton.

Attorney Kelley argued the precident setting Lehigh River access matter before the United States Supreme Court. When Gene showed up at our meetings or made his presence known people noticed.

As we proceed to return our stream to excellence, the Little Lehigh Flyfishers alumni are going to need a consilatory, rational voice with some understanding of the political and legal community.

As we did with the wading and artificial lure controversy we need a diplomat. DIPLOMACY IS NOT MY STRONG SUIT.

If you're an attorney who loves this stream please contact me.

If you're an attorney who loves this stream please contact me.

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