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R B Winter TU, December 20

Spring Creeks and the Meaning of Life

I’m looking forward to being with R B Winter TU again.

My program Spring Creeks and the Meaning of Life, reflects on pleasant and not so pleasant experiences, shares some observations along the river of life, provide some tips on living and fishing alone in North Americas wilder places and FISHING SPRING CREEKS

While fishing and camping around North America I’m fulfilling a promise to myself to compile and share the treasury of learning, tips and experience acquired from over 20 years on the banks of the Little Lehigh and my collaborative friendships with many of the legends of fly fishing/tying. My friend Gary Borger, who wrote the introduction to my book called it “the intersect”….of the stream, legends and Rod’s shop, a unique community of fly fishers, and one that contributed strongly to the fishing history of the Little Lehigh.

I hope to see you there.

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