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September 26, 2005 was an interesting day, to say the least.

It started raining at 5:15am. By the time I got to the shop at 6am, the water was up to the top step.

I was used to floods. I could usually flood proof in about 10 minutes. This flood came so quickly and went 2 ½ feet higher than any flood I’ve seen since I’ve been here.

The results were devastating.

That evening at 2am I awoke to a tremendous explosion. Wearing only sweat pants, I grabbed “the beagle”

and ran out. As I watched everything I owned burn, there was another explosion, blowing the window out of my car. I left.

Adversity brings out the best in people. The support I received from the community was beyond description.

Barry Staats of Sporting Gentleman was particularly helpful.

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