Hexagenia atrocaudata Big Slate Drake or Hex. THE LARGEST MAYFLY

NYMPHS are burrowers in silt or sand. My favorite pattern is the Strip Nymph. (rgr)*

DUNS emerge in late August through early September sporadically throughout the day, increasing in late afternoon and early evening. My favorite pattern is the Strip Nymph. (rgr)*

SPINNERS fall is in the evening. Body size 15-24mm. Size 8-10 2XL

PATTERNS My favorite patterns appear in Gary Borgers “Designing Trout Flies” (rgr)

TACTICS-fish w/ swimming, twitching retrieve

OBSERVATIONS Spinners appear out of nowhere, approximately. 8pm. above the riffles.

Most of the bugs I’ve caught are females. The abdomen of the females appears to rip open to lay eggs about 2 or 3 segments from the tip of the abdomen. Females die immediately after laying eggs.

Male tails are twice as long as females. Claspers are prominent.


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