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Kind words from the past

How are you doing Rod? Hope you enjoyed your camping and fishing in Colorado. Do you remember me? I took lessons from you, casting and fly tying maybe back around 2002. I enjoyed coming up there to the shop and fishing, and you set up those special dinners with a guest. Good memories. Got away from hunting and fishing after the plant I had worked at for 33 years closed. Busy trying to make living. After several jobs I wind up taking a manager’s job doing Industrial Cleaning and Maintenance. It was very demanding so the only fishing I did was on vacation in October each year at my friend’s cabin on the Little Schuylkill near Hawk Mountain. I retired early for my health sake and am fly fishing, and fly tying again. Glad I found you on FB, I have read you articles, started reading your book I downloaded to my Kindle. I just started reading it when visiting the doctors office last week but I enjoyed reading about Al Miller. Looking forward to reading more from your web-page, see want the Trout Bum has to say.

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