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Coffee, Camp Rohrbach Style

I went to the store in Forks, Washington to replenish my coffee supply.

I got to Camp Rohrbach at Yellowstone Park, went to make coffee and was horrified to find I had bought percolator packs I remembered John Gierach’s campfire coffee and improvised. I filled the the old coffee pot with water and two perk packs and let it boil for seven minutes It was delicious!

One of the minor annoyances of washing dishes at Camp Rohrbach is coffee grounds. They seem to get into everything.

The basket is always bending and the little glass knob is always disappearing Perk Packs fit in the back pack compactly with no spillage No more spilled coffee grounds in the camp pantry. No more used grounds in the dishwater No more losing the infernal glass knob No more bent coffee basket and stems Just excellent coffee with no mess One more little thing to make life in the Camp Rohrbach easier. CAMP ROHRBACH CAMPFIRE COFFEE

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