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The restoration of Babb Creek

I remember going to Pennsylvania’s Grand Canyon to fish Slate and Cedar Runs.

I’m a railroad buff. The railroad was still operating adding to my pleasure.

Slate Run Inn guests shared the shower down the hall. One trip was highlighted by my coming out of the shower during the dinner hour and finding I locked my key in my room. Dinner guests were treated to a naked Rohrbach wearing only a towel, scampering through the dining room in search of the manager and a key!

These trips were always timed to hit the Green Drake hatch on Pine creek, above its confluence with Babb Creek.

The color of Babb creek exemplified the hideous pollution entering the Pine at Blackwell.

As the Pine was experiencing an intense Green Drake swarm, there wasn’t a bug downstream of Blackwell.

One of the heros of the restoration of Babb Creek was Robert W. .McCoullough, Jr.

Mr McCullough’s name does not appear in any Fly-fishing museum or Hall of Fame, it should!

I intend to create a digital Hall of fame to recognize environmental heros throughout North America who contributed to our sport and the environment in their area.

I’m going to start with Mr McCoullough.

I would appreciate any comments.

I would also appreciate suggestions of herosin your area.


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