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Twas the night before FISHMAS and all through the shop, all the creatures were stirring especially the mouse (s)

FISHMAS was an annual absurdity promoted by the Little Lehigh Fly Shop to celebrate the first day of trout season( amateur hour) on the Little Lehigh


Usually celibrated on FISHMAS EVE it often coincided with my son Moose’s birthday, (MOOSEMAS) and TAXMAS.

There was a FISHMAS tree complete with fish lights, FISHMAS cookies (fish shaped of course) and due to the proximity of EASTERMAS, one of the ladies decorated plastic eggs in a trout motif, placed an Al’s Rat inside and hung them from the tree.

We did some fly tying which rapidly deteriorated into an all night poker game. On FISHMAS eve it was a good idea to stay up all night and keep an eye on the stream and the shop.

In the morning Jeff Reahl would show up with FISHMAS donuts and coffee.

It is my understanding Mr Fran Gough and the gentlemen of the “Trout Bum” group are continuing this noble tradition.

As the father of FISHMAS I and the trout police may show up to assure the affair is conducted with the dignity such a solemn event deserves.

You can rest assured my attendance will result in all rods remaining sheathed and all waders remain on.

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