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What trout fishermen should know about SUCKERS!


1. If you've ever eaten "Mullet", you've had Sucker on your plate! That's the commercial name used when Sucker is sold.

2. Suckers will eat almost anything, most commonly small invertebrates, algae and plant matter.

3. Predators prey on Suckers.

4. Spawning occurs in shallow water in April and May; initiated by temperature changes.

5. When spawning the males develop a distinct lateral band.

6. You should care about suckers because trout LOVE sucker spawn!


Among the Little Lehigh Fly Fishers John Coxey was the crown prince of Sucker Spawn!

Brandishing his favorite sucker spawn pattern, John would prowl the banks searching for pods of spawning suckers.

He would spot a pod of suckers with prominent lateral lines, invariably there would be a big fat trout down stream dining on eggs.

Sucker spawn seems to work all year. I wonder if there is something genetic about a trout’s love of eggs.

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