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I’ve been fishing and camping all around North America. I’ve also been fulfilling a promise to myself to compile and share the treasury of learning, tips and experience acquired from over 20 years on the banks of the Little Lehigh and my collaborative friendships with many of the legends of fly fishing/tying. Gary Borger, who wrote the Introduction to my book called it “the intersect”….of the stream, legends and Rod’s shop.

I fulfilled my self promise is by writing an ebook Reflections, Observations, and Advice from a Trout Bum.

I enjoy my personal library. If I had my way every wall in the house would be covered with book shelves.

So why an ebook?

The first reason was money. To publish a hard copy is expensive, the hard copy would sell for $40, on Kindle it’s an affordable $5.49

Another reason is links. When I come across a term some readers may find cryptic I can do a hyperlink which will take them to a relevant article.The ability to navigate easily and quickly throughout the manuscript is wonderful!

The trout bum life is conducive to the use of a KINDLE. It’s not practical to haul a library all over North America.

A major downside is the inability to do book signings. I want to compensate for that by sending my readers a RAT PACK consisting of an inscribed business card and three Al’.s Rats.

Just email me with how you want the card inscribed and your mailing address.

I suggest that you visit my website, and often, it’s constantly evolving and growing with new information and tidbits

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