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Kind words from nice people

Thanks Rod

I did read from your eBook Incredible, and did not expect anything less. I will always cherish the memory or our interaction at the LL Fly Shop, and your presentations at the club where I taught fly tying classes…

Cheers & all the best,



Please check out my web page and blog at

I would like to share with you information gleaned by fishing The Little Lehigh almost every day of the year, observing this limestoner all year 24/7 and fishing and tying with most of fly fishing’s legends

You will find information about;

My book Reflections, Observations, and Advice from a Trout Bum

Club and Banquet programs

Leader design

Pennsylvania’s Spring Creeks

Private Fly Fishing Lessons

Private Fly Tying Lessons

The web page will expand on a weekly basis



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