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Dying Fly Lines

Mr Bow is not a busy trout.


All he concerns himself with eating, spawning and surviving.


His window limits his view of the outside world.

The view is the same, day in and day out. Anything out of the ordinary means danger!

Knowledgeable anglers keep themselves and their equipment out of Mr. Bow’s window.. The inadvertent flash of an orange fly line spells FAILURE!


Brightly colored fly lines are helpful in learning to fly fish but they are an excellent fish conservation tool.

I learned to dye fly lines from Gary Borger when he was doing a school at my shop.


Gary describes the procedure in his classic book, PRESENTATION



To dye lines use 2 teaspoons of Rit Dye in 2 quarts of boiling water. Toss the line on for about 15  seconds. Then rinse in cold water. …test a few inches of one end of the line to see how long to leave it in. Too long and the line will be black! Olive Rit turns yellow lines yellow-olive; red or orange lines become brown.

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