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This is the last picture I took of Moose. Ironically he was waving good bye.


Moose was fiercely loyal to his favorite sports teams, especially the REDSKINS

Rohrbach Family Photos 166.jpg
Rohrbach Family Photos 007.jpg
Rohrbach Family Photos 011.jpg

Dave was one of four siblings. I think his brothers and sister would aqree as a little boy he was the most entertaining. You never knew what he was going to do. A family I loved with every fiber of my being.

Son Dave with Cod..jpg

Moose in Alaska with Cathy and I.

He loved to fish, especially on the Delaware for Shad and at our cabin in Canada.


He was a wonderful Daddy

In order to help children cope with the grieving process Highmark's Caring Place has children create a quilt square which is included with squares created by other mourning children into a quilt . The quilt is permanently displayed at the caring center

noose 001.jpg

<The quilt

Quilt Dedication Ceremony

The Caring Place

October 27, 2019 

<Daves Square /\


m1 001.jpg

The Moose Wall

with some of his wresting awards

m2 001.jpg

Wrestling was a major influence in shaping Dave's character.

When our family disintegrated Moose was devastated. He seemed dealt with his disappointment by focusing on his sport. 

His goal was to win a state championship.

We lived over five miles from his school. Two or three times a week he would rise at 5 in the morning, throw his books in the car and run to the Wilkes Barre YMCA where he would meet me, pickup his books and shower.

His drive was incredible!

Wresting taught him courage, self



discipline. personal responsibility and about winning and losing. Although losing was unacceptable he learned it was part of life.

Moose never won his state championship. He lost in regionals to a guy

who went on to be a Harvard NCAA All American. He was devastated! 

He compensated by winning the North American Extreme fighting Championship, Gov Arnold Schwarzenegger presented him with a Samurai sword which hangs on my MOOSE wall. 


moose a.jpg
moose c.jpg
outdoor hockey with moose.jpg
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