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Watering Holes




Camp Rohrbach Campfire Coffee

I went to the store to replenish my coffee supply. I got to Camp Rohrbach, went to make coffee and found I had bought filter packs, great for home, not the first choice for a camp fire coffee pot.

I remembered John Gierach’s campfire coffee and improvised. I filled the old coffee pot with water and two perk packs and let it boil for seven minutes It was delicious!

One of the annoyances of washing dishes with limited water at Camp Rohrbach is coffee grounds. They seem to get into everything. With filter packs there’s no more used grounds in the dishwater. No more spilled coffee grounds in the camp pantry. No more losing the infernal glass knob. No more bent coffee basket and stems. Just excellent coffee with no mess and filter packs fit in the back pack compactly with no spillage.


Point to remember

Filter packs make life in Camp easier. Try them in your back-country camp too.


Moose or Caribou Stroganoff
Source-Elsie Solie, Fairbanks, AK










Saute in 4 T butter or margerine1/2 lb sliced fresh mushrooms and 2 large chopped onions.

Remove from pan. cut 4 to 5lbs Moose or Caribou round steak into strips 21/2" long and 1/4" wide. Coat with flour and brown in butter or oil. Add 1 package dry french onion soup and 4 C water; simmer until meat is tender, stirring occasionally, about 1 1/2 hours. Add some garlic. Add mushrooms, onions and 2 C sour cream.
serve over noodles or rice.
Makes 10-12 servings



When the Shad Trees  bloom and American Shad will be in various estuary’s.

In the 70’s and 80’s Delaware Shad were plentiful, so plentiful you would think I was exaggerating if I told you.

My kids grew up on Shad, The roe was removed, the fish split with the bone side reserved for smoking.

I find most wanna be Shad gourmets over cook the shad with the idea of melting the bones, They also melt the texture and flavor.

Some try to debone the Shad, we mortals would have to become nuero surgeons to accomplish that.

I find the following recipes easy to prepare and delicious. The texture of the meat will result in the bones not being a problem. The Shad will melt in your mouth, not in the pan.


Place Shad on baking sheet

Brush with melted butter

Sprinkle lightly with Old Bay seasoning

Bake at 350 degrees for 20 minutes


Poach roe in white wine and water for ten minutes


Dust with flour

Saute in butter until lightly brown

Place on baking sheet

Bake at 350 degrees for fifteen minutes.

shad roe

Roast Moose

Buckskin Cookery-British Columbia

Area Conference-1972

Moose meat tends to lose its juices because of its coarse grain. If the roast is well sprinkled with a mixture of flour, mustard, salt and pepper before browning in hot fat, the coating will seal in the juices and keep the meat moist and tastier thaan any other method.

Shore Lunch

One of my culinary idols is the late Sylvia Bashline. I became familiar with her in the late 70's when my four kids were catching boatloads of inedible pike at my cabin in Westport, Ontario. Mrs Bashline saved the day with her Riced Stuffed Pike Filet Reciepe. She then out did herself with her Poached Lake Trout delicacy.

Between fires and floods most of the guides to culinary perfection have been destroyed. Some how this clipping survived.


Watering Holes

watering Holes

Alaskan Ferry

alaskan ferry

I love the Alaskan Ferry! Especially the food!


The MV Columbia serves hot meals, snacks, and beverages cafeteria style.


I thoroughly enjoyed the cafeterias trout bum ambiance and prices. If you like diner comfort food, you will enjoy
the M/V Columbia’s cafeteria.


Epicurean diners will enjoy the more formal setting of the M/Vs Columbia’s full-service dining room where beer and wine are served to accompany entrees from the sea, and from the charbroiler. 


Expect to pay from $12.75 to $16.75 for sumptuous fare like Boneless Chicken Breast marinated in teriyaki sauce, Alaska salmon or halibut, or a 10 oz. New York Steak charbroiled with onions. 


If you are a Trout Bum go to the cafeteria or pre plan and bring your own food. Epicureans stick to the dining room. Either way you will have a delightful dining experience.

Alaska, Anchorage


“My ship came in” to Seward Alaska in the early morning. I arrived in Anchorage hungry, low on cash and out of cigars. I asked the taxi driver to drop me off where I could satisfy my afore mentioned needs. He dropped me at an interaction with a Walgreens pharmacy, a Wells Fargo and the City Diner.


City Diner Is this trout bums kind of watering hole.It’s clean reasonably priced an efficient. You’ll find no waiters in tuxedos. You will find a gum chewing waitress who calls you honey and a friendly efficient staff,  My comfort food lunch of Shepperd’s Pie stuck to my ribs until I was napping on the Denver bound red eye at 2am.

If fish hunting takes you to Anchorage, visit 3000 Minesota Drive. II think you will see why it made this trout bums list of watering holes.

Coldfoot, Alaska

I sat at the communal table at Coldfoot Truck stop- everything is on the table, Pots of coffee, water pitchers,
condiments, utensils, TV remotes and coffee mugs
My $7,50 pancake was be served by a delightful young gum chewing blonde in down filled overalls. She called me honey


The Coldfoot Truck Stop was founded  Iditarod champion Dick Mackey;


It is the farthest-north truck stop in the United States located 174 miles into the 414-mile Dalton Highway made famous by the TV show Ice Road Truckers.


One of Alaska’s most remote and challenging roads the trans-Alaska oil pipeline runs adjacent to it.


Most car rental companies won’t let you take their vehicles on the Dalton Highway


It is said that Coldfoot, popultion 10, got its name in 1900, when gold seekers made it that far, got cold feet and turned around.


It provides great fishing for grayling


The truck stop enjoys comments such as;


…an oasis on the Dalton Highway.


. ..From the hot buffet I sampled some eggs with reindeer sausage, biscuits and gravy, and a slice of bacon

… my husband ordered the BLT, and I had the fried fish sandwich.  My sandwich was good, but his BLT was amazing


…Fries were perfectly crisp, prices were cheaper than in Anchorage

,,,we got some large cookies ($1.95/ea ) …to take with us, they were really good.  

...I have been searching for the perfect gingerbread cookie for years - crispy on the outside, soft on the inside, with that taste of dark molassas.  I FOUND IT HERE!!!  

…Their spice cookies are perfection!  

…We got the dinner buffet, Here is what was on the menu:Salad bar (a GOOD one at that with lots of fresh options)Salmon ChowderPasta with acorn squashRoasted Summer Squash with BeetsParmesan Potato WedgesStuffed Peppers with Cornbread and SausageTuna Steaks with PancettaMocha Squares (tasted like chocolate cheesecake - yum!)Assorted homemade cookies,

..this small place, out in the middle of nowhere, actually cares about what they serve, and they serve it well.  Very heathly options cooked up deliciously.  Amazing!  

Idaho City, Idaho

Travelling between Stanley and Boise you can take a sumptuous break at Idaho City’s Trudy’s Kitchen. Known for her imaginative use of ‘huckleberries and her baked goods, her pies are over the top.

Cathy and I were in Stanley Idaho for the total solar eclipse. The plan was to view the eclipse then go to the camp site in Yellowstone we had reserved, fish a couple of days then drop Cathy at the Boise airport. We were so smitten with Idaho we never left Stanley, The only down side was my inability to find Trout Bum cuisine.

As we approached Idaho City on Rt 21, I was about to construct another peanut butter and Jelly sandwich when the Trudy’s Kitchen sign . What a delight!

When travelling from the Boise airport to Trout Bum country, put aside a little time for a delightful meal at a reasonable price. While you’re at it get get some pie to go. It will be great to eat around the campfire and drive the coons crazy.

Howland, Maine

95 diner

95 Diner

64 Lagrange Rd

Howland, ME 04448

(207) 732-3412

I was heading north on I81 to the wilds of Maine’s Deboullie Pond in Aroostook county. The number of eateries was underwhelming.

In need of gas I exited the interstate at Howland, where I found gas and the 95 Diner.

My first impression was not good. The eatery/ convenience stores exterior suffered from a lack of pride in ownership, slovenly and unmaintained. Well maybe I can get a prepackaged sweet roll, so I held my nose and went in, SURPRISE! The inside was fresh and clean, good, friendly service. I was served the best corn beef hash I’ve ever had, eggs and toast were perfect with a pleasant server who called me honey  My endocrinologist would have hated everything but the waitress,

Some comments from customers follow;

The 95'er has an excellent breakfast and makes the world's best haddock chowder.

Don't let the outside appearance of being a truck stop deter you from stopping here if you're in the area. It's actually a great little diner with good food. Great prices too. We didn't get dessert but they had excellent looking pies on the menu and on display.


Great diner! Almost all the food is homemade. If it isn't they will let you know. Most of the servers are excellent. Price is very inexpensive. Portion size is sufficient. Just off of exit 217, if you are travelling north you must stop in.

The 95er is a much needed staple in this area, loved by the locals. I was born and raised about 45 minutes north of here and would stop by on occasion when traveling through. It's located right off interstate 95. I live in Portland now, but still visit Lincoln to visit my grandmother. When I asked her where she wanted to go for our Easter meal, she quickly said the 95er. 

Half of the building is a quick stop market to accompany the gas station. The other half of the building is a restaurant that gives off a small town diner feel with 4 person booths. I came on Easter Day with my parents and my grandmother. All four of us loved our meals. 

(+) I had the meatloaf special. It came with mashed potato and fresh carrots. It was delicious. I ate half of it and brought the other half home for dinner.
(+) My grandmother and father had fresh fried scallops. They both said they were cooked perfectly and they both finished their meals. I forgot what the sides were, I think fries and cole slaw. Both of their plates were clean though. 
(+) My mom had an open faced turkey sandwich with mashed potato and fresh carrots. She loved it. Brought half of it home for dinner. 

Don't let the outside appearance of being a truck stop deter you from stopping here if you're in the area. It's actually a great little diner with good food. Great prices too. We didn't get dessert but they had excellent looking pies on the menu and on display.

I stopped by the 95-er while on a long trip through Maine. The restaurant has about a dozen booths, 3 of which were full. There was one waitress who easily took care of every table while providing great customer service. 

I ordered a rare steak with mashed potatoes for a side. A few minutes after ordering, the waitress returned with some warm, freshly baked bread, which was excellent. The steak came out a short time later. Over the years I have found that ordering a rare steak outside of a steakhouse is normally a crap-shoot; sometime you get tare, but most of the time it comes out medium-rare or medium. This steam came ourt perfectly rare. The portion was decent, at about 10 or 12 ounces. The flavor was good, and because it was properly cooked it was very juicy. The potatoes were nothing to write home about. But at $10.95 this steak was amazing.

Overall, the 95-er gets 4 stars for the great service (I wish I remembered the waitresses name.. She was mid twentiea and cute, if that helps) and the great steak.

In short it’s good to plan a stop at the 95 diner. You can get good food, gas ice and other odds and ends. And oh, yes, in typical Maine fashion, the rest rooms are “in the way back.” and they are sparkling clean.


Beckys Diner, Portland, Maine


Becky's Diner 90 Comm

390 Commmercial St

Portland, OR 04105


Becky's Diner opened in 1991. It’s one of my favorite watering holes.

Beckie’s delightful outside porch seating overlooking Portland's waterfront serves as a wonderful venue to enjoy homemade food, homemade deserts. and beer  and wine.

Bloomers, Parsonsfield Maine

galaxy pics 144.jpg

One of my favorite groups took it’s name from Parsonsfiield, Maine. They help satisfy my craving for unique music.


I go to Blooomers in Parsonsfield to satisfy my craving for unique, decadent sweet treats like. FLYFISHING FUDGE ICE CREAM. I think it is probably illegal, if not immoral for anyone who calls himself a piscator to drive by Bloomers.


Bloomers! is a Florist, Greenhouse & Farmstand located on Rt. 25 in Parsonsfield, ME. They enjoy a steller reputation in designing bridal florals , special event flowers, operating  a greenhouse and a farmstand, but all of these endeavors pale in comparison to the ice cream stand and its FLY FISHING FUDGE ICE CREAM!


155 Federal Road PO Box 115

Parsonsfield, Maine

Newville, Pennsylvania

jamie lee.jpg
Anchor 1

I never trust a diner that doesn’t have good gravy. Not a problem at Jaymee Lee’s Diner, 8 S High S, Newville, PA 17241

717 776-7800

Ten minutes from Big Spring this cozy home of great homemade food and great service opens every day at 7:00 am.

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