The largest Mayfly!

Body size 15-24mm.  Size 8-10 2XL.

My idea was brilliant! Tie some Hex patterns with glo in the dark wings. A shot of light, a cast into the night and watch the fly drift in the dark. It really worked well, and the wakes of the fleeing fish were impressive












hex ny (2) - Copy.jpg

Hexagenia are burrower mayflies that create u-shaped tunnels where they reside. This shape allows them to draw in water to feed upon microscopic organisms 

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Duns emerge in late August through early September sporadically throughout the day increasing in late afternoon and early evening.

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Spinners fall in the evening


Of the specimens I've collected male tails were twice as long as female.

The abdomen of the females appears to rip open when they lay eggs about 2 or 3 segments from the tip of the abdomen. Females die immediately after laying eggs





Hair Wing Dun, Gary Borger



Parachute Spinner, Gary Borger

Tactics-fish with a swimming, twitching retrieve.


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